About me

I am a a UK artist based in Cheshire.


At primary school it was pretty obvious that I loved to draw and I drew on everything which was a tad annoying for my parents if they hadn't read the paper before I got to it! Thanks to my parent and a few primary school teachers, I was encouraged to keep creating, in fact my Mother's house is still full of art I made as a child and teenager. 


After school I went on to study graphic design as it was a way to make a living from my creativity and I still enjoy designing. 

I then found that I needed to draw and paint more when my children were younger. I took some lessons and enrolled on courses and reconnected to the artist that I was. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be an artist and started on the journey to refresh and add to the skills and techniques along the way. 

My creative path has been a winding one and I am still excited to see what is around the corner. I love painting people and animals and especially horses as I painted them obsessively as a child. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my artwork. Please get into if there is a piece of work that you are interested in or would like to chat about. Thank you for visiting!

Best wishes 

Jan Cavanagh